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Benjamin Trolte

Benjamin celien Trolte

I am a superior swede who code when i got time.

Change log

  • UPDATE --- 2014-11-24
  • Changed ini file names to work in new mIRC version
  • UPDATE --- 2014-11-23
  • Removed a bunch of bad virus. Updated PHP, mIRC, Apache to later versions to ensure security.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-10-12
  • Updated for age 63
  • UPDATE --- 2014-08-07
  • Added a offline check timer that triggers every 17 min (+-1 min). This means if bot is offline it will attempt to reconnect by it self.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-07-07
  • Fixed a few bugs:.
    New age halfling numbers where off.
    .users clear was broken.
    Login logistic for site was sometimes broken if caps was involved.
    Added .hof (hall of fame) just tradional march for now
  • UPDATE --- 2014-07-04
  • Updated for age 62
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-31
  • Fixed bug in build time using out of war/fort/prot timers showing train time insted of build time.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-30
  • Fixed bug in train time using out of war/fort/prot timers not working for war heros.
    Removed "at war with" if no record is stored on badintel.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-20
  • Fixed bug in count down to age start.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-18
  • Updated for new age values
  • SECURITY UPDATE --- 2014-03-17
  • Potential intel leak in bot found and closed.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-13
  • Added web-irc to the site, for now hidden. Interested in bug testing? Contact celien!
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-12
  • Found and fixed a bug causing stats not to be stored.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-12
  • Found the source of the error (white unformated page), please report if its still around it should not be.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-12
  • Fixed some errors that might have created no javascript loading on website (white unformated page).
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-05
  • Fixed bug with spells and attacks not registering.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-05
  • Made the "you are currently being sitted message much less spammy.
    Changed bot updating mechanics.
    Moved some settings in to a global setting file.
    Made changes to avoid the aidlist bug with left over provinces.
    Fixed some spelling errors in various places on bot and website.
  • UPDATE --- 2014-03-05
  • Opened a support channel for BadIntel at #badintel on UtoNet please feel free to idle to see when i am online i will not idle in your private channels. will go directly to my phone use this mail for suggestions, and bug reporting please.
    Added .delloc xx:yy a Admin command to clear a kingdoms data including SoT, SoM, SoS, Surveys and infiltrates but excluding Spell durations and Army returns.
    Changed .update to work for Admins, only execute this command when told by celien.
    .fix now works in Private Message to bot, if bot is online with wrong nick, pm it .fix and it should rejoin correct channels.
    Fixed .delete nickname to not miss out on deleting people from website access because of nick change. Use .users clear to clear out old stuff.
    Bot server atm cost me 55 euro and another 10 euro for the IP's per month (195 per age) this is not covered to more then 70% by donations (I receive ~60/age = for 3 months).
    I hope to during March to find a cheaper solution i invested 110 euro in some new ram memory, a proper firewall, 1 usb stick for installation of OS, and to get my crashed old home server fixed.
  • UPDATE --- 2013-08-02
  • Removed the planner again because of lack of time to finish it.
    Fixed a few minior bugs related to .def and defence showed on badintel.
    Added wave tab to bad intel again just to make wave planning faster. Questions about it? - contact celien!
  • SERVER MOVE --- 2013-07-18
  • Bad intel is now moved to a new home. at a GleSys server, this to ensure stability.
    Cost per kingdom and age is now 12 dollars (9 euros). Starting next age all KDs who wish to use it will be forced to pay. Contact celien if you have questions.
    Use the donate button and make sure you inform me about your donation and what kd it is for.
  • UPDATE --- 2013-03-27
  • Added .target province name (xx:yy), it allows you to to post ops/spells wich are directly stored to that province name for 10 minutes. (no need to post province name after op/spell)
  • SECURITY UPDATE --- 2013-03-13
  • All passwords in bot been reseted.
    I strongly advice you to use a brand new password since old might have leaked.
    Note that you will need to update in forum agent to.
  • UPDATE --- 2013-03-13
  • Changed default PayPal Donation language to english.
    Lowered access level for .orders all.
    Removed minutes from .woltime x, to avoid confusion.
    Added support for Propaganda vs elites, thieves, soldiers.
    Added support for Reflect Magic detected on target.
  • SERVER HOST --- 2013-03-09
  • The host i had decided that i was the guy behind the DDOS attacks and deleted my account! (don't use
    For now and until better host is found i will host badintel+bots on a private computer
    everything should work as usual, any problems please report asap
    I also gonna get a bunch of new IPs, but since i am nub at linux i need help setting up the tunnels until then
    We give huge thanks to Axi, Nyx, Edfeldt and myself for providing IP's that the bots can use until tunnels are up.
  • UPDATE --- 2013-03-05
  • Added .wages. See .wages help
  • UPDATE --- 2013-02-24
  • Added a war planner for ops and spells.
    Commands to use is .assign and .planner.
    This feature is in progress but should be fully working on:
    Added .spam on|off for ability to turn off spam for new orders or strategies updated.
  • UPDATE --- 2013-02-21
  • Added "spam" notice when .strat or .orders is unread.
    Removed order spam on join. It will still tell you if orders are unread by you.
    Fixed bugg when using ".away until".
  • UPDATE --- 2013-02-16
  • Fixed ip tracker.
    .peasant x:y added (shows peasant on each province in target.
    Lowered user level needed for .users command
    Added .users intel and .users roster
  • UPDATE --- 2013-02-14
  • Update for new age.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-29
  • Added fanatism to mod off showed.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-26
  • Mystic Vortex support added
    Drought & Storms now cancel each other.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-20
  • .strat bug with tpa and old version support fixed
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-19
  • .strat training changed and help file updated.
    .strat added a pad connection that links on badintel as a tab.
    Halfer mod off bug fixed.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-18
  • Help tab updated and improved.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-11-17
  • Updated for new age.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-10-19
  • Added .sos to show spy on sos and .sur to show survey. Usage = .sos provname
    Buggs in .memo sorted
  • UPDATE --- 2012-10-18
  • Added .gold, .runes, .food, .tpa, .wpa, .ppa, .popa, .opa, .horses, .solds. Usage = .gold xx:yy
    Added Draft to badintel and replaced peasants with peasant per acre (PpA)
    Fixed bug with uTools Forum Agent
  • UPDATE --- 2012-10-09
  • Added 2 notepad they are restricted by for userlevel admin and/or coordinator.
    In short they are a online notepad who mulitple users can edit at in real time.
  • UPDATE --- 2012-10-07
  • .away is changed to be more functional.
    Away and sitting status added to .users seen and .users intel.
    Started working on a new help system
  • UPDATE --- 2012-09-29
  • Fixed IRL times in timers to work properly.
    Updated .timers with .oow and .timers help.
    Added .decay for those unsure of hostile meter decay
  • DONATIONS --- 2012-09-16
  • Thanks for all donations, server is paid for 9 months now.
  • SERVER COST --- 2012-09-11
  • Atm i personally pay just over 3 euro/month and kingdom.
    Donations are welcome
  • DOMAIN REGISTERED --- 2012-08-30
  • now will serv your needs for forum agent